So What's Going On?

After posting a short note on Facebook about cancelling shows I wanted to clarify what is happening.  

As some of you know, my wife's father passed away in June and her mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer's shortly before that.  In an effort to give her mom the best support we can, we sat down with her brother and mom and talked about what options are available.  No one liked the idea of her going into a facility, though that option was looked at, and we, collectively, felt that she would have the most success staying at her house, in the area that she knows and has known for over 40 years.  My wife has chose to leave her job and become the primary caregiver and we will be moving to Pennsylvania to live with her mom.  

Due to all of this happening, all shows (with the exception of tonight, September 18 at the Arendell Room, September 19 at the Jones County Heritage Days and next Thursday, September 24 at the Isaac Taylor Garden) are cancelled.  In the 16 years that I have been playing shows, I can count on one hand the shows I have cancelled.  I want to say a huge THANK YOU to all the venues for their understanding and support.  All the venues that I had to cancel wrote me back and gave words of encouragement.  I really, sincerely, appreciate it.  

The show at the Brown Pelican in New Bern, NC on December 19 is still booked and I am hoping to play it as a sort of going away party.  I'll keep everyone updated as soon as I have more details.  We are still nailing down dates on everything but I will know soon so, if it has to be cancelled, the venue has plenty of time to get someone else booked. 

I don't see this as an end, just another chapter to start.  I am happy to support my wife and her family in this decision and I look forward to whatever this chapter holds.  Thank you to everyone who has been supporting my art all these years.  We will see you down the road.  Cheers!


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