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NC Shows August 4 and 8 

Just added several shows to the calendar so be sure to check that out!  
August is pretty busy, starting off we are at the Arendell Room in Morehead City, NC on August 4 and then we are at the Brown Pelican in New Bern, NC on the 8.  We love both venues and are happy to be back!

The Lumen Sessions Interview (Number 2) 

This interview is a must read.  My wife of 8 years let loose....

Do you feel this album, The Lumen Sessions, is different than past albums?  "Yes."

How?  "More organic."

Favorite song on The Lumen Sessions?  "Oh man....  I have a couple.... I really like.... String, I really like Johnson City, I really, really like Rock N Roll, but on The Lumen Sessions it's called Play What You Know and I really like Will We Be The Same.  And I also really like Front porch Swing."

Why is that your favorite?  "(Laughs) Because it's,.... they all have a nice syncopated rhythm to them and I like the sounds of them and I like your voice, your voice is quite gravely and its much different than what you've done before."

Describe your perception of the writing process.  "(Chuckles) You either grab a few beers or a bottle of Jack (Daniels) and..... you take a couple swigs and you write some stuff down and you play it on your guitar and you work on it a couple times and then you've got a song.  Sometimes you sit down and it all comes out and sometimes you work on it for weeks.  Or months.  That's how I see your writing process.  I don't write songs so I don't have a process!  (long pause)  My perception of your songwriting process?  ..... yeah.  You are inspired and you write.  Sometimes you are not inspired and you don;'t write.  Sometimes you drink a lot and you write.  Why are you giving me that look?  (laughs)"

Do you feel Ryan Earnhardt's involvement made a difference in The Lumen Sessions?  "Absolutely."

How?  "Because he is so unbelievably creative when it comes to, for instance, these organic sounds, the, the junkyard percussion idea and he has, he can hear rhythms and beats that just are not, they're not common, or they're not mainstream, they're not everyday, know what I mean?  They're not,..... he thinks outside of the box and he's extremely creative when it comes to that and I think it works well with your creativity."

What do you think about the older songs that have been redone?  "I'm so tired of those old songs being redone because I really like your new material."

(Laughter) Is The Lumen Sessions relevant in today's music?  "Irrelevant?  Or relevant?"

Is The Lumen Sessions relevant in today's music?  "I believe so. Absolutely.  I think it's right up there with all of the roots rock, americana art that's out there right now.  It doesn't go with Nickleback and Poppa Roach (??) and all that bullshit but that's not where you want to be.  This is right up there with all of your influences, it fits quite well.  This Lumen Sessions, I think this Lumen Sessions is much more true to who you are and your sound than any other album that you've created."

How would you describe the musical style of The Lumen Sessions?  "I would call it roots rock.  Americana.  With very much influence of Tom Waits, Neil Young and of the like.  For sure.  And I mostly say that because of, of, the song context and...... and the sound.  The organic sound, it's not all plugged in and wired and dubbed over and all that shit.  It's nice and raw.  I like it."

Favorite memory of a show or on the road experience with me?  "Oh god.  I haven't had many lately.  Favorite?  I'm partial.  Because I'm your wife.  (long pause)  I always enjoyed when you came off stage and came right to me and gave me a kiss or something because then I felt like, yeah, he's mine.  And I often remember Gullity's (venue in Camp Hill, PA) after work.  Those stick in my head.  Quite often.  But favorite show?  Per say?  I've been to so many, in the early days I don't really remember which would be my favorite, they were all pretty fun..... huh........ I don't know, I guess I'd have to think about it.  Why are you asking me these questions?"

Do you feel there are enough references to people being killed on The Lumen Sessions?  "(Laughs)  There are probably way too many!   There could be people who  Through your music with as many references to death and people dying and killing people on this album.  It is quite dark.  In that aspect.  Sometimes it can be concerning."

What kind of person do you think this album appeals to?  " What type of person?  What type of person."

What kind of person?  "What kind of person.  What do you mean what kind of person?  Is that like a racist remark?  Or is that?.... What do yo mean what kind of person?  A young person? An old person?  A white person?  A black person? What do you mean?"

What kind of person do you think this album appeals to?  "I think it appeals to people who are not necessarily caught up into mainstream music, art, television, all of that.  People who are a little bit more well rounded when it comes to entertainment.  Like those who know of artists such as Lucinda or Ryan Adams, that whole crew, that whole type of person, whatever you want to call it, like an Ellery (Cincinnati based duo) type person, an Over The Rhine (another Cincinnati based band) type person.  They're not mainstream but they appreciate good music.  I think any of them, any of that kind of person would, however you want to label them.  Even so, I think a lot of people who are caught up in the mainstream, who are like a rock and roll person or something, classic rock type person, if they were to listen to your music, I think they would appreciate it.  But I don't know if I could actually label a type of person that would be,..... I don't know if I can do that.  Cause I wouldn't know.  Because then you're, you're trying to compartmentalize people and fit a genre and I don't know if that's really, that's really what it's all about.  Is it?  Do you really want to do that?"

I'm interviewing you.  Has music or a song made any impact on your own life or caused you to change your viewpoint?  "Oh sure, and again, I'm, I'm biased because you're my husband, so sometimes I find it interesting because I feel like I can see your perspective in a different way through your music than how I perceive you directly.  For instance String,  I love that song because, maybe I'm vain, but I hear a lot of the struggles between you and I in that song.  You know, you call me superficial, well that's interesting, I need to think about that.  Because if you're putting it down and that song is really about me, and you really see me as superficial,..... I don't know how I feel about that because I don't see myself  as superficial.  So, so yes, sometimes when I listen to your music it makes me stop and think, hmmm, if, if you are referencing things that are familiar and close to you and if they are about our relationship, our marriage, our experiences, etc., sometimes they seem like a window to your perceptions that I'm not aware of.  And I can use that, and I try to use that sometimes, to, you know, look into where we are."

What are the last two CD's you listened to?  "This one, Lumen Sessions, I actually took it out of the vehicle this morning to put it on my work computer this morning and then when I left today I put it back in and I listened to it again.  And I've listened to, I guess it was Marks Of Another Year, that I just listened to the other day."

No, no, the-  "No, no, no!  I'm serious!  Those are the last two, no, the last, this was the last one and the one before that was the Old 97's, but when I was at work it was the Marks Of Another Year, last Friday."

So the last two albums that you listened to?  "That one, The Lumen, and I guess it was the Old 97's."

This concludes our interview.  "Why are you interviewing me? "

These are going great!!!  Cheers and check back for more!

The Lumen Sessions Interview (Number 1) 

I thought it would be fun to do some interviews about The Lumen Sessions.  Most of the time when an album comes out, you hear interviews from the band or artist talking about how they perceive the project that they just finished or from music reviewers about their "professional opinions".  I was driving down the highway one day and wondered how the everyday folks in my life feel about my album.  So I made a list of questions and a list of people I wanted to interview.......

My first interview goes to Scarlet Meadow, my own flesh and blood, the pride of my life, my traveling partner and merch girl.  Did I ever mention that I love this kid?  So here is how this works:  I wrote down the questions before hand, the list will be asked to each interviewee,  and asked Scarlet each as it was written. She had a copy of The Lumen Sessions in hand to reference and I hit record on my voice memo app.  I didn't want to explain anything, but there is a little of rewording for her (as noted).  She has classic Scarlet answers and it proved to be a wonderful little talk.  Enjoy!

Okay, are you ready for our interview? "Yes."

Tell me your name. "Scarlet"

Age? "Six"

Do you feel this album (The Lumen Sessions) is different than the past albums I've done? "Yes."

How do you feel it's different? "Because Ryan has done The Lumen instead of Steve."

Favorite song from The Lumen Sessions? "Will We Be The Same."

Why is that your favorite song? "Because it has Jessica."

Describe your perception of the writing process for this album (how do you think I wrote this album?). "Uh.  I don't know."

(What do you imagine in your head that I did to write the album? "You....... talked to Ryan about it and Jessica about it and then you wrote it and then you guys practiced it?"

Do you feel Ryan Earnhardt's involvement made a difference in The Lumen Sessions? "Yes."

How? "He's different than Steve and Patrick" (For those that don't know, I use three different drummers in different areas, Steve Geyer, Patrick Edwards and Ryan.  My kid obviously sees vast differences between all of them.....)

Some of the songs on here I did before, right? What do you think about the older songs that I redid? "I like them.'

Is The Lumen Sessions relevant in today's music?  "Yes."

How would you describe the musical style of The Lumen Sessions?  "I'd say it......... it's kinda slower than the other ones."

(I ask the question again.)  "Uhhhhhhh...... I don't know. "

What is your favorite memory of a show or on-the-road experience with me? "Uhhhhh.... meaning song-wise?"

No, what is your favorite memory of a show or being on the road with me? "Selling CD's."

Any specific show you liked selling CD's at? "My favorite one is, actually, the Front Street Station."

Do you feel there are enough references to people being killed on The Lumen Sessions?  "Not really."

(I'm dying of laughter....) What kind of person do you think this album appeals to?  "Uhhhh.... Ryan."

Is that it?  "Uhhhh.... uhhhh...."
What kind of people do you think would like this album? "Um..... uh, probably Steve?"

Just those two people?  "Ryan and Steve."

Alright. Is that it?  "Yeah."

Nobody else would like it?  "Maybe, I don't know."

Do you think kids would like it?  "Probably."

Do you think grown-ups would like it?  "Yeah."

So what kind of people do you think would like it?  "Uhhhh...... I don't know.  What do you think?"

This is your interview.  "Dad......"

Has music or a song made any impact on your life or caused you to change a viewpoint? "Hmmmm.  Uhhhhhh......  I don't really know.  Uhhh.  How'd you...... I mean how would you feel if somebody...."

Next question, I'm interviewing you.  What are the last two CD's or albums you listened to? "Uhhhhhhhhhhhhh..........What?  What albums do I listen to?  I'll tell you what, I listen to Parade a lot....."

No, no, no, the last two CD's of anyone that you just listened to.  "Probably, um...., Flint Zeigler - Flint Zeigler (a mix I made for her of demos and things years ago), that's what I listen to on my ipod all the time.  Uhhhh..... a Hundred Party Songs."

A Hundred Party Songs?  "Oh, no, Thirty Party Songs.  Yeah."

There you have it!  More interviews to come!  Cheers!


Much Appreciated! 

It was an incredible June, a June like no other.  I really appreciate all the venues that take a chance on me and book a show.  So I really appreciate Southern Hops in Florence, SC, Latitude 35 in Fayetteville, NC and the Arendell Room in Morehead City, NC.  Thank You.  And Thank You to everyone that came out, listened, bobbed your head, bought a CD, chatted for a few minutes, let me eat your left over pizza, bought a round of beers or Jack and Cokes, talked gear, talked kids or just refrained from screaming "Freebird!".  You all are the best.


Last Week And This Week 

Great title for this post.... sheesh.  I must be on a real creative streak.  Anyway, last week was amazing.  Great shows in Bloomsburg, PA at the Turkey Hill Brewing Co. and at Lost Dog Cafe in Binghamton, NY.  I really appreciate both venues having me and I look forward to coming back through!  

Shows this week and next
Friday June 26 - Southern Hops - Florence, SC
Sunday June 28 - Latitude 35 - Fayetteville, NC
Tuesday June 30 - Arendell Room - Morehead City, NC

I'd love to see your smiling faces turn into drunken giggles.....

Maryland Show Cancelled 

Quick update:  Dante's Bar in Frostburg MD that was scheduled for Saturday, June 20 is cancelled.  We are working on a new date in the near future.  Thanks!!

From The Mass Email... 

Hello everyone,
Hope this finds all of you well, safe and happy.  This email is a quick reminder of this week's shows:

Thursday, June 18 - Turkey Hill Brewing Co., Bloomsburg, PA - 8pm
Friday, June 19 - Lost Dog Cafe, Binghamton, NY - 10pm
Saturday, June 20 - Dante's Bar, Frostburg, MD - 10pm

As always, I'd love to see you out and, if you haven't already, pick up a copy of The Lumen Sessions!



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I am a little late on this but I wanted to say a big thank you to everyone that came out to the shows last weekend.  Memorial Day weekend is super busy for everyone and it was great to share it with you.  I also want to say Thank You to Old Forge Brewing Co., Front Street Station, Suba and the Arendell Room for having me.  Great venues and incredible staff, it's a pleasure to play at them.  

We are at the Satellite Bar and Lounge in Wilmington, NC tomorrow, May 30.  

Check out the Shows page for all the dates, lots have been added.


Show Cancellations 

In light of my wife's father passing, all shows are cancelled this week (May 15-16).  I would like to extend a very appreciative Thank You to Open Bar and The Brown Pelican for being so understanding and kind.