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Thank You 

I wanted to say Thank You to all the venues this run and to everyone who came out to a show.  We had a blast!  Thanks to the Hodle, Suba, Front Street Station and Ye Olde Meeting Place!  Most venues I play have been supportive for years and I can't thank them enough.  It was great catching up with old friends and making a bunch of new ones.   I hope we can get back around this area soon.  Also, I want to say thanks to Steve Geyer for banging them old drums for me, it was a blast as usual.  Cheers!

August Shows 

Make sure you check out the Shows page this month.  I'm in PA and NC at some great venues.  I'd love to see you out and about!

Birthdays And Things.... 

May is gone, what happened?  Busy month, I was out of town for much of it and while I should have been being more productive, I honestly was just hanging out and drinking beers.  Oh, and playing some shows.  So the release for May never happened but we are going to be making it happen and adding an additional song to the project too.  That additional song will be finished at some point and then I'll release it.  This all sounds so haphazard.   Because my life is haphazard.  Anyway, I am playing in Morgantown, WV this month at a new venue for me.  If you are in the area, stop on by.  I would love to have a show in the Fredrick, MD area after WV, if you have any last minute contacts....... well, you know the drill, is on the contact page.  

Cheers folks!

Gearing Up 

I am getting ready for next weeks run of shows, Ryan and I are in Knoxville, Johnson City and Charlotte and sharing the stage with The Crimson Balladeers out of Las Vegas.  Great band with true americana spirit.  Johnson City is a three band affair with a local band called Teeth Like Keys.  Really cool sound and I can't wait to get us all together.  In the meantime I am fixing speakers and running my kid to gymnastics......  Always and forever a dad first!  Hope to see you out and about, I have a small run in June heading in the West Virginia area.  I'll keep you posted on that too!  Cheers!

This Month's News 

Hey everyone, just wanted to keep you posted on a few things going on for this month.  I was just out in Asheville recording with Ryan ( on a great project for Asher Leigh.  Asher is a singer/songwriter with some soulful songs and a very pleasant voice.  We tracked three songs and they should be out soon.  The tracks are a good mix of what Asher is all about.  
I am back in the studio helping with another great singer/songwriter named Jessica Greer this month.  Now Jessica is a dear friend of mine and many of you will recognize her due to her singing backing vocals on my project.  I am pumped to be a part of her project.  And Jessica does amazing things like makes quilts for famous people and then delivers them at their live shows.  All while holding down a real job.  Can you tell I am pumped on her?  hahaha.  
Also this month we will be releasing another song from The Lumen Sessions.  If you watched the live web broadcast a few months ago, you will know the track.  I wrote it with a punk rock vibe, though I can't really say that it's all that punk rock.  
Ryan and I are playing Knoxville, TN, Johnson City, TN and Charlotte, NC this month also with a band from Las Vegas called The Crimson Balladeers.  Check those guys out on facebook at: .  Real stand-up guys.  Check out the "Shows" page for all the latest live dates. 

Thanks For The Support! 

I just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU to the venues this month; it was a blast!  I traveled to Pennsylvania, North Carolina and Tennessee and been getting great feedback and support.  April was the busiest month I've seen in a while (it ain't all fun and games being an adult....) and I remember why I love traveling.  Thank you to everyone that came out, so many new friends were made and long time friends revisited.  Cheers!!!

This Month's Release: Under The Jaw 

Well, if you have been listening to my music since I was around 21 years old, you have probably heard numerous versions of this song.  It's getting a little ridiculous.  Many of you will know it as "Martin Myers" but I felt this version deserved a new name.  The song is based around stories I heard about the "glory days" at Bethlehem Steel in Pennsylvania.  Big thank you to Ryan Earnhardt, as always, for playing and tracking ( ; ) and Jessica Greer for doing those "ahhhhhhs"....  Cheers! 

Shows This Month 

Seems like it's been forever since I've played a live show.  This month has some great stuff going on though, playing in Pennsylvania, Tennessee and North Carolina.  Most of the shows I am playing with a drummer, so hopefully they won't be as boring as usual.....  I am also excited about some other recording projects that I have my hands in.  Ryan Earnhardt (Lumen Audio and Creative Sound Lab) and I have some new artists that we believe in and are bringing them into the studio to record some EP's for them.  I'll be helping with guitar and arrangement along with some offering some songs.  More on that in the next couple of months.  Check out the Shows page to see where I'll be playing; I'd love to see you at one!!

This Month's Release: Johnson City 

We are proud to release my newest single "Johnson City" off The Lumen Sessions.  It's a free download for mailing list members and if you sign up as a new member, it's free too.  Free, free, free!  (This is reminding me of those Sham-Wow commercials....)